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It might seem that divorce in Australia has gone surprisingly up in recent years. The reason still seems questionable, however, the fast lives in the country has started building options to walk out of an unsatisfying marriage. It is quite hard to sum up the exact number of divorce rates in each country because most of the countries tend to keep the records to themselves. Even with the vague numbers we have from three to four years ago, we can still say that the numbers are gradually getting higher on the western countries.    

However, according to recent research, divorce in Australia has interestingly gone down. It has actually always been less in Australia compared to countries like The UK, Canada or The USA. In fact, the numbers have gone down to 2 divorces out of 1,000 people, which is quite a good number, considering the statistics going around the world. Many countries have their own way of measuring the divorce rates in their countries, while in Australia, 2 out of 1,000 people seems to be a pretty good number to judge the situation in the country. 

Whatever the reason is behind the dropping of these divorce rates even after having great options for cheap divorces in Australia, it seems like the country is doing quite good. On the other hand it might be the cheap online Divorce services that is resulting in the dropping of the numbers, as couples know they always have an easy option. That might give people a reason to fight and work for it more, as they know it has become quite easy to walk out of a marriage.   

Although we cannot also ignore the fact that there are still a lot of people who would take the changes in the federal law, make them feel that just because divorce is cheap and easy, it is the option anytime a small thing brings up an issue in one’s marriage. People should understand that the government made divorces cheap in Australia so that people who are suffering because of their marriage do not think that they are alone. Cheap online divorce services are for people looking for a way to come out of a mistake or a bondage that has been making their life more miserable than better.

Every couple owe it to themselves to figure out where their marriage stands. Statistics say that most of the marriages falls apart within the first few years of getting married. People misunderstand the temporary lifestyle changes to be a dead end on their marriage. Also when there are no kids involved, it becomes easier for the couple to walk out of it. On the other hand, when couples start a family and after  many years, they realise that the marriage is only a pretense to keep the kids happiness intact. It’s a hard choice to make but people should know that they always have an option. Also, that is the only reason cheap divorce in Australia is easily available to everyone in the country.   

At present, the average length of a marriage is 12 years that results in couples getting divorced in the age of 42- 47 years. The family law act when introduced in 1975, undoubtedly, spiked the number of divorce in Australia, but it is now quite satisfying to see that people are starting to understand the law for what it really is. It was introduced to help couples not destroy them. 

Posted on 21 Aug
By Online Divorce service